Make the Dying Stop

justice leagueThe other night I woke from a strange dream. I was a superhero, involved with a team of superheroes. We were in a house together when an attack came from a group of super villains. They were outside, and wanted us to come out and do battle.

The five members of my team walked out the front door onto the porch, and we could see our opponents across the street. With heightened awareness, I noticed a villain making a movement with his arm, and I stepped back quickly enough to avoid the net that was thrown over my teammates. They were caught and I was free.

I then became aware of my superpower. I was ‘The Flash’, the red-suited hero who can run as fast as thought. I realized that because I was so fast, instead of trying to get through the net, I could run out the back door and around the block in seconds. I zoomed along my path, and in moments I was approaching my opponents from their flank. However, by the time I got there things had changed.

crowd-peaceA crowd of bystanders had been observing the attack, and decided they had enough. Hundreds of people began chanting ‘Make the Dying Stop, Make the Dying Stop’. As they grouped together and approached the villains en masse, I realized that my efforts were no longer required. The mass had taken over, and change was about to occur.

When I woke from my dream, I realized that I had experienced something special. I understood that the changes we desire would occur when the mass of human consciousness reaches a new level of awareness. It will occur when we realize each of us exists with choices, and that most of us prefer to be peaceful and safe. Around the world killing occurs daily, and yet it is a minute percentage of the population that expresses violence. Even though many innocent are affected, the perpetrators are few.

Until now, we have felt powerless to stop the painful activity in the world. We read about things we do not like, and wish it were different. Those that act with violence are influenced by fear and separation. When the fear dissipates, greater potential will be revealed. When separation concludes and we blend into one, we realize that all violence is against ourselves, and we stop.

yin-yangHumanity is undergoing an evolutionary change, and we are part of it. Each of us contributes to the mass consciousness, and our thoughts influence the world. We are exposed to significant contrasts, and it becomes easy for us to identify what we do not want.

As Lightworkers, our role is to become the opposite of what we don’t want. Where there is anxiety, introduce relaxation. Where there is fear, introduce calmness. Where there is hate, introduce love. Where there is darkness, introduce light.

Dreams can be interesting, and provide new enlightenment to self and situation. In the interpretation of a dream our core desires are revealed. Concepts and lessons can be learned from our dreams, and as we apply these lessons the benefits of a dream can be realized.

I had a dream, and it taught me about our glorious future.
One day humanity will come together and make the dying stop.
┬ęCopyright 2016 Glenn Stewart Coles

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