The Night After Christmas

Night Before Christmas‘Twas the night after Christmas and here in my house
I sit writing poems using keyboard and mouse
There are so many things that I’m wanting to say
As the final few days of the year pass away

It’s been quite a year for the home we call Earth
Perhaps it is time for our planet’s rebirth
The changes we see may be giving a clue
Tsunamis and earthquakes and hurricanes too

There’s fighting and starving and dying galore
As millions of people reach out and say ‘more’
It seems like the suffering will not be done
And everywhere, everywhere, people shoot guns

876634-bigthumbnailThe eight richest countries are making the arms
And selling them outright for trinkets and charms
The change is quite simple, and we have begun
More schooling and health care instead of more guns

The world is our matrix and we all create
The feelings of love and the feelings of hate
And though all the logic may seem quite complex
The thoughts in our mind are what lead us to next

We must remove hatred and anger and fear
For they are the feelings that cause us to veer
And our only task is to carry the light
To keep moving forward and do what is right

golden-treeIt all seems so simple right here in my chair
We feel the same feelings and breathe the same air
If we are all one there is no need to fight
I wonder when everyone will see the light

I know I’m not different in wanting a change
And wishing for world peace is not really strange
To make all these changes we must take a chance
And caring for others is how we advance

santa-moon1aThe masses on Earth are beginning to see
That I am like you and you are like me
We each have our feelings, beliefs and tradition
And being unique is our blessing and mission

Our year-ending bash is about to arrive
The world is in trouble and we’re still alive
The New Year is here and we each play a part
For light work is changing the world with your heart

© Copyright 2005, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles



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