Full Wolf Moon, January 2, 2018

As we begin 2018 we also enter a unique period of Lunar activity. There are two full moons in January and again in March. A blue moon occurs rarely; experiencing two blue moons is special. The first quarter of the year provides brilliant opportunity to start something rolling. What do you want to create?

In the still calmness of a cold winter night, the howling of wolves can be heard from great distance. First one lone voice breaks the silence, then another joins in. Soon there is the excited chorus of many wolves declaring their presence.

The first full moon of 2018 is known as the Full Wolf Moon. Officially occurring at 2:24 a.m. UTC on January 2, the moon will be brightest on both the 1st and 2nd of January. The name Wolf Moon refers to Native American experiences; January was a time when hunting wolves were apparent. Their prey was in survival mode, trying to make it through the winter. Deer, elk or moose weakened by the harsh weather became feasts for hungry wolves. It is a month to honor survival.

The energy of Wolf will play a big role for humanity during this lunar month. Wolves are perceived as dangerous and dominant. There will be grandiose positioning on many scales; from the home front and personal relationships through to intercontinental relations. The allegories of sheep and wolves will become more apparent and we are all in for a bit of a ride.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the actual behavior of wolves is quite different from mythical connotations. Wolves are highly intelligent creatures, both friendly and social. They travel and live in packs, form bonds with mate and offspring, and share their resources. Even the Alpha Male knows that his strength comes from cooperative effort of the pack. In the month of the Wolf you will greatly benefit by working together to create common solutions rather than alienating and oppressing any other individual or pack.

The January moon is also called the Old Moon and the Moon after Yule.

While the Northern Hemisphere experiences a time of survival using whatever was stored or remains available, there is always contrast. In the Southern Hemisphere the Hay Moon, Buck Moon, or Mead Moon represents the coming of abundance.

In China this full moon is called the Holiday Moon, representing the time when celebrations of the New Year bring renewed hope for growth, happiness and good health.

This Month’s Guidance

The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. It is a year where unity spreads and humanity learns how to play well together.

Wolves do not fight unnecessarily. Remain aware of high energies and recognize when your emotions are being played. Wolves do not scatter when they are startled, instead they band together and observe. Remain calm and share that strength with others. Wolves are strong because of their tendency to think as a group. Work towards survival of all, not just self.

The first full moon of the year is an excellent time to begin a new project. Get your gears in order and be rolling by the blue moon on January 31. This month during full moon, step outside and declare your presence with a howl. Know that you are powerful within yourself and walk with the confidence of a wolf.

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

Full Cold Moon: December 3, 2017 (Long Night’s Moon, Winter Moon)
Full Wolf Moon: January 2, 2018 (Full Old Moon, Moon After Yule)
Full Blue Moon: January 31, 2018 (Blue Moon, blend of Wolf and Snow)
Full Snow Moon: March 1-2, 2018 (Full Worm Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon, Maple Sugar Moon)
Full Worm Moon: March 31, 2018
Full Cherry Moon: April 30, 2018 (Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon)
Full Flower Moon: May 29, 2018 (Full Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon)
Full Strawberry Moon: June 28, 2018 (Rose Moon, Mead Moon)
Full Buck Moon: July 27, 2018 (Thunder Moon, Hay Moon)
Full Sturgeon Moon: August 28, 2018 (Full Red Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon)
Full Corn Moon: September 25, 2018 (Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon)
Full Hunter’s Moon: October 24, 2018 (Dying Moon, Travel Moon, Blood Moon)
Full Beaver Moon: November 25, 2018 (Frost Moon, White Moon)
Full Cold Moon: December 22, 2018 (Long Night’s Moon, Winter Moon)

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