How to Make Money Using Fear

Lately it seems that your life has been a string of bad luck. You lost your job. Your car broke down. Your family is mad at you and everything you try to do to make it better seems to fail. You know that none of this is your fault and wonder what is going on.

You make a post on facebook asking for prayers and support. Suddenly a kind stranger offers to help. He says he knows what is going on and asks you to send him a message to talk privately. When you do, you believe that you have found the answer to turn things around. He tells you that someone using black magic has placed a curse on you. If you get rid of the curse, everything in your life will turn around.

Another person has been struggling with depression, anxiety and failing health. No matter what you try to do, it just keeps getting worse. When you speak of your woes, a savior appears. He tells you that there are demonic attachments in your energy field that suck away your life force. Since they are the cause of your concerns, eliminating these demons will solve your problems. Unfortunately you don’t know how to do that so need some help. The kind stranger says that he has a lot of experience with this situation and can help you change your life.

A third person is a woman who really wants children but cannot conceive. The kind stranger tells her that a hex has been placed on her family and only he can help. If she buys a magic bracelet for $200 he guarantees she will become pregnant in the next month.

Does this sound familiar? It happens every day on facebook. There are people who make their living ‘helping’ people remove curses or banish demons. They prey on the vulnerable that really need some help. They use suggestive programming and tap into people’s fears and beliefs. Once they find someone who thinks there is no other solution to their problems, they have a target.

While there may be some variance in the techniques, the strategy for creating a cash cow is quite simple.

1. Identify Target. Find someone experiencing anxiety, depression, bad luck, misfortune. Preferably someone who already believes that there are external forces causing these issues.
2. Initiate contact. Present yourself as a kind soul wanting to help.
3. Introduce Fear. Tell them there are demons attached to them. Tell them a curse has been placed on them. Introduce the idea that an external evil force is the cause behind their problems. If they believe this, then they also believe that they do not personally have the power to overcome it. Use fear words like hex/curse/jinx/demons/Devil/evil eye.
4. Qualify yourself as an expert. Talk about how you have special abilities and have helped other people with similar issues. Exaggerate so that you look very powerful. If you have already beaten millions of demons then their problems are easy to fix.
5. Offer the solution. I can fix this for you. I can remove the curse. I can kill those devils.
6. Isolate the Target. If you want me to help, send me your email. Send me a private message. Anything to get you away from a public forum and into one-on- one contact. This allows you greater power of manipulation.
7. Manipulate. Make yourself look like a savior. Do it for free. Then run into roadblocks and indicate you can help, but a fee is required due to the special nature of their problems.
8. Keep them coming back for more. Allow little steps of success to make the person believe that your power is helping them. Direct their efforts while taking credit for anything good that happens. Tell them it is not working because they are doing something wrong. Continue to frame challenges as something larger than you expected. Tell them there are more demons than you first thought. Tell them the hex is stronger than you thought, therefore more work is required.

The most important thing to recognize in these strategies is the shifting of power. When someone feels that they cannot solve their own problems, the savior takes away their power. Instead of empowering someone to identify and resolve aspects of their life that lead to the challenges, an easy solution is offered. Let me take over and do it for you. Once you have given away your power, it will not be long before you have given away money as well.

Allow me to be perfectly clear. The power of a curse is directly related to your belief in the curse. The more you believe that an external force is responsible for your lot in life, the more vulnerable you are to being taken advantage of.

The most effective way to eliminate a curse is to change your belief system. Once you accept that only you control your energy and efforts, you begin to gain power. Once you are able to dismiss fears of black magic and demonic interference, you gain the ability to direct your own future. Once you claim your power, every step become easier.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware that there are people who want to manipulate your fears for their own advantage. Empowerment is the key to success and progress. Claim your power. Recognize the tools of manipulation and dismiss them. Take responsibility for your situation and begin to take the steps necessary to make things better. Though the road may be more difficult than having someone do it for you, ultimately your best chance of winning occurs when you run the race yourself.

©Copyright 2017 Glenn Stewart Coles


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