Listen to the Singing of Angels

AngelSpiritGuide AN39T Have you ever wondered about the sound of an angel choir? Do they sing in harmony? Does the tune uplift your soul?

Over 900 years ago, a little girl named Hildegard was sent by her parents to live at a Benedictine monastery in Germany. She was only eight years old. Trained by nuns, young Hildegard was exposed to religious training, singing and music every day. She also had prophetic visions all of her life.

By the time she was 42, Hildegard was the leader of a community of nuns. In a life-changing vision, Hildegard received a message from God to “write down that which you see and hear.” She began to write books about theology, natural medicine and religious sermons. She also wrote the first identified musical morality play called Ordo Virtutum, which is about the struggle of a human soul between the Virtues and the Devil.

Hildegard also reported hearing the singing of angels, and despite having no legitimate musical training, she learned how to write music. Her compositions were performed by singing nuns during religious services. Now perceived as a highly influential Middle Age creator, Hildegard’s legacy lasts until today and her music is still played. According to Hildegard of Bingen (the monastery that she founded), these are the songs of angels.



Sometimes there are angels around us; all we have to do is listen differently. Using modern technology, this remarkable recording slows down the chirping of crickets and to create something that sounds like angels and feels like heaven. There is beauty all around you.

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