Full Strawberry Moon: June 9, 2017

Energy is high and the next lunar month continues the ride that we are on. Change happens quickly and we learn this month to stay within our own power or give it up to the challenges around us. Remember that lightwork begins within and take the opportunity to shift your own energy.

Officially occurring at 1:10 PM UTC on June 9, the bright full moon lights up the night with magical energy. In North America, native peoples gave names to the moons to indicate what to expect in that month.

Full Strawberry Moon

This lunar month is named for the short harvest time for wild strawberries, which begin bloom in early spring and bear fruit in June. Around the world, strawberries are one of the most widely eaten fruits because of their adaptability, delicious taste and nutritious content.

The full moon in June is also called Rose Moon (for the blooming of roses), Hot Moon (for the beginning of summer), Thunder Moon or Lightning Moon (for the tendency of thunder storms in this month as weather changes) and the Mead Moon (for the beginning of honey collection, which is used for making an alcoholic drink called mead).

In China this full moon is called the Lotus Moon, named after the flower revered in Buddhist culture as symbolic of purity of the heart and mind. It represents long life, humility, honor and tranquility.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the full moon this month is called the Oak Moon (a time for hope and healing), the Cold Moon (the beginning of winter), or Long Night’s Moon (since the Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere coincides with the Winter Solstice in Southern Hemisphere).

During this lunar month we experience the Solstice on June 21. The Northern Hemisphere experiences the shift from spring into summer, while the Southern Hemisphere sees the beginning of winter. While one side gets the longest day of the year, the other side gets the longest night. Understanding the polarity (or yin/yang) of our planetary environment can help us progress towards understanding how we can live in harmony with the planet and each other.

This Month’s Guidance

It is a month of transition for all of us. While we are aware of the world around us, sometimes our focus is disrupted by the sounds of humans talking. Like an unfolding reality show, our attention is drawn to the words of the day. We focus on who said what, what they are thinking of doing, and what others are thinking about them. We worry about what might happen. So much of our anxiety is based upon illusions of creation.

If you look around with open eyes, life is abundant. See the colors of nature; the flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting, food is growing. Though we are continuously reminded of what needs to be changed in this world, sometimes it helps to step back and see what we already have. This lunar month is a great time to express gratitude in each and every moment.

Shifting focus from the world to yourself may seem like hiding your head in the sand and ignoring ‘the realities’. It may also seem selfish to think of improving your own life while so many others need help and attention. Yet our power comes from our weakness. We begin to understand that each of us is the center of our own universe. As we increase our glow and shine our light, others shift their focus as well. By setting an example of high vibration, we each have the ability to change our own world by changing our perception. When billions are doing this, everything will be different.

This month, set your focus on acceptance of what is while at the same time recognizing your creative ability to change your world and experience. It is a time for hope and self-healing; a time to connect to the powerful energies around you and to utilize these for your own well-being. It is a time to recognize that all life has value and deserves respect.

In the vortex of energy of which we are part, claim your power, focus on gratitude, and move forward with love and compassion.

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

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