Full Beaver Moon: November 4, 2017

As the full moon rises this month, the beaver is very busy. He can feel that winter is coming and it will not be long until the pond is frozen over. He knows that in order to survive he must finish building his home. Piece by piece, he finds and cuts wooden sticks that he drags back to his dam, weaving the new parts amongst the existing foundation. Though he is tired he knows that stopping is not an option.

Officially occurring at 5:23 a.m.UTC on November 4, the full moon of November is called the Beaver Moon by Native American cultures. The beavers have already built their lodges for the winter and are now making final preparations to survive the coldest months. For Native Americans, this month was the last chance to trap beavers to claim their furs for winter warmth.

Beaver pelts were the first natural resource to be exploited by Europeans in North America. The pelts had such value that they became a form of currency for trade. Because of the value of their fur, along with resistance to their environmental impact, the North American population of beaver fell from 60 million in the early 1800s to a point where the species was endangered in 1930. Protective measures have helped stabilize the beaver population which is now between 6 and 12 million. As you look into the night sky, think about the adjustments humanity has to make to live in harmony with our planet.

The November full moon is also called the Frosty Moon, being the time of year when we wake up to frost on the grass and windows. In China it is called the White Moon because of the clear skies this time of year.

In the Southern Hemisphere the November moon is called the Corn Moon, Milk Moon, Flower Moon, or Hare Moon. While the Northern hemisphere prepares to shut down for winter, the Southern hemisphere anticipates the abundant growth of spring.

This Month’s Guidance

As you can probably tell, energy has been high lately. There is a lot of shifting going on in this world as we move towards a better understanding of mass consciousness. Each of us plays a role in adding to the sum total. Each of us has choice in what we add.

While beaver works hard to manifest his home, he is not alone. Beavers work together as a team, sharing and combining their efforts to create something bigger than any could build by themselves. Each of us has something to offer, together we can create something special.

While you enjoy the ride of life, consider that it is not a roller coaster but instead a train. We have the ability to steer, to accelerate, to brake and to change tracks. High energy also means high opportunity, so prepare to shift your world.

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Minah Kim Art:

Full Beaver Moon by Minah Kim

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