The Welcoming

The seats fill quickly, and soon the 1000-seat auditorium is full. The sound of the crowd is quite comforting. Distinct voices do not stand out. Instead there is a low rustle like tree leaves when a strong wind blows through them. The lights dim and the rustle becomes quiet. Once again I step on to the stage.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen. You are about to play a game that I think you are going to like. Please settle in and we can start. If the people in the back row can hear me please raise your hands.”

Slowly and obediently the hands in the back begin to rise.

“Okay thank you. You can lower your hands now. Welcome to everyone in the room. This is an exciting time for you and I will explain what I can.”

“Many of you (most of them) may feel a bit confused about who you are and why you are here. Please relax and pay attention, it will soon make sense.”

I actually knew that every person in the audience was experiencing a loss of identity. Basically, just before entering the room their memory of self was wiped clear. They had all agreed to the blank slate aspect of this game, and had left behind much of their awareness. This choice allows the game to feel new every time. Not knowing everything adds to the excitement and adventure.

“Every one of you has agreed to play this new game. It is a game that is both simple and complex. Over the next few minutes you will understand what I mean by that.”

“From the view of simplicity, you all have equal value. The purpose of the game is to accumulate greater value. Part of the complexity is that you have to figure out what value really is. Sometimes what you think is valuable really isn’t. At the end of the game we will come back and review how you played. We will have fun sharing stories.”  

“Now here is where it gets interesting. Even though you are all the same, you are also all different. Every one of you is unique; every one of you is special. Before you came into this room you made some choices about how you would play the game. These choices define where you begin on the game board, identify some of your strengths and weaknesses, and provide physical characteristics that make you distinctive.”

I scanned the audience and it appeared that I had their interest. We had lowered the lights of the room and brightened the lights on the stage to guide their focus. Still, it was important to keep their attention. Those whose minds wander during startup will have a disadvantage during the game.

“One of the simplicities of this game is choice. You will always have choices to make in every aspect of your play. This is what makes the game fun. Even though there will be many external influences, you are in control of you… and the choices you make.”

“Of course the game does involve facing limitations and barriers. Some of these will occur because of your own belief system; some will be introduced as the beliefs of others. Remember that you choose what to believe. It is okay to believe the same thing as others, it is also okay to think differently. Learning how to negotiate and grow through these differences is part of the experience.”

“As you enter this game, one thing is for certain. At some point the game will end and you will return back to this room. You will not know the length of your game until it is over. For some it will be short and for others it will be long. I will tell you now that the length you play is not the most important factor in success.”

As I began to recite the messages that we give to all new players, I saw the audience focused on me. The introduction of a sense of self is necessary to the playing of the game. Often called the ego, this identification as an exclusive being provides the motivation to create more. What is created and how it is done will be up to each person.

“So let’s have some fun. From this point you will begin to remember your contracts. These contracts are the options that you chose when you signed up for this game. When you leave this room the game begins. Half of the people in this room are female. Will you please stand up?”

The rustle began again and throughout the room women began to stand. The imprint was clear. These were the ones who had chosen to play as a female. Suddenly most of the audience stopped looking at me and instead were looking around the room at each other. Their curiosity had been awakened.

 “Being female has much more to do with your game than just procreation. You will also discover that all of your experiences are unique because you are female. The ones who are still sitting have chosen to be male, and your experiences will also be diverse because of that choice.”

“I will ask all of the males to stand up as well. Everyone please raise your hands above your head and stretch.”

I matched my actions with my words, and raised my own hands above my head.

“The way you are standing is one of the ways to increase your power in this game. Become aware of your connection to the ground and sky. I will let you feel it for yourself.”

I stood in silence and watched the audience standing with eyes closed and hands in the air. Some were already learning how to focus. Others were fidgeting or still looking around at everyone else.

“Now please open your eyes and sit down. I am going to tell you some special elements of this game.”

Once again the crowd rustled, and quickly they sat with all eyes focused on me. I have given this speech countless times and it always works. I had their attention.

“You are not playing this game alone. Connection to new souls was arranged before you started to play. Throughout the game different players will show up and affect your life. The connection can be very rewarding and enjoyable, though sometimes painful connections can accelerate learning for both players. Some of these connections will last for the entire game, others will occur only in a vital moment. Some are prearranged and some occur randomly. Every connection is exceptional and continually developing.”

“One of the concepts that make this game so interesting is variety. You can play the game over and over and have new experiences each time. Part of this is because of the exclusive character and connections that you bring into the game. Another part is because of polarity.”

“Polarity is the concepts of opposites. In this game just about everything has an opposite. Light and dark. Hot and cold. Male and Female. Good and bad. What you will discover is that your preferences will agree with some and disagree with others. Polarities can range from mild to extreme, often dependent on how much energy and focus you put into it.”

“Ultimately this game allows you to make choice. Some people love hot weather; some people love cold weather. There is no right or wrong in the preferences you choose. However you will discover that actions which add to the greater good get more points than actions which serve your needs by harming others. In this game it is easiest to win by helping others win.”

As I looked around the room I could see people beginning to glow. Most were sitting forward in their seats, fixated on the message but also looking around. They were wondering which of the players around them would show up again later to alter their game.

 “Everyone listen closely now. I will tell you how to win the game.”

I paused and looked over the audience. Most were now sitting attentively, focused on the message. Some were distracted and I waited for their attention. When speaking, sometimes silence reveals your greatest power.

“There will be aspects of your character that affect the choices you make. Learn to focus on your strengths and use your uniqueness to your advantage. Appreciate what you are given in this game. Enjoy being short or tall, dark-skinned or light-skinned, fast or slow, simple or complicated. You are who you are. “

 “Throughout the game, you will hear many stories. Some are true and some are not. The stories you choose to believe will shape your experiences. Remember that the power of stories is not in the words but the application. Stories can be excellent tools to motivate your life.”

I could see looks of contemplation in the eyes of the closest audience members. The tilt of the head and the squinting of the eyes is a good indication that thoughts had been stimulated. They were hearing what I was saying and trying to understand it. From my experience I know that all this quick information will take some time to digest. Sometimes it will take a lifetime.

“I will let you in on some secrets. When you apply these secrets to your play, you have a greater chance of being successful in this game.”

“Your focus plays a greater role than you can imagine. Where you choose to direct your energy has profound impact on the game. It is up to you to create the path that best serves your purposes.”

 “When you are playing the game, your avatar will always have an energetic vibration. This vibration changes all the time, depending on how you feel. Your highest objective in this game is to raise the vibration of yourself and others. People affect each other, so when you raise someone else, they raise you at the same time. Then you both raise other people.”

“There is an energetic vibration which is often referred to as ‘love’. When you feel love your glow is different. Love is not about what you receive; the more you give, the more you experience. Even though you may feel love for others, love is a feeling that you create within yourself.”

“It does sound simple, and that is why there are many obstacles in this game. You will enter the game as a blank slate, open to learning and empowered with free choice. The instructions you have heard here will be imprinted deeply within your avatar but will not yet be available at a conscious level. They are yours to discover – or not.”

I looked around the room and saw a thousand souls glowing with anticipation.

“You will find that the game board is a world of wonder. It represents more of everything than you can possibly absorb in one lifetime. That is why we keep playing again and again. Best game in the universe. Are you ready to play?”

“Enjoy your life on earth. Have fun and create experience.”

The houselights illuminated and the doors on the right side of the room opened. The noise increased but the rustle sounded different. It always does when they understand.

It is very fulfilling to guide these souls as they begin their life as humans. From this room, thousands will be initiated, each with special qualities, and each with a life to live. I hope the guidance gives them a running start, but we know from experience that each player has their own path to walk. All we know is that most players like the game so much they want to come back and play again.

As the crowd left the room, I reached for some water and a chance to regenerate. Soon the room would refill and then I am on again. Five shows an hour for three hours, then another speaker takes over while I take a break. The game is accelerating and getting exciting for everyone. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have two minutes to drink some water and catch my breath as the new audience begins to fill the room. Another thousand souls; ready for the welcoming.

Copyright 2020 Glenn Stewart Coles

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