Full Crow Moon: March 12, 2017

The full moon this month preludes the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere and the end of summer in the southern hemisphere. It is a time of shift and the energies are high. Officially occurring at 2:54 PM UTC March 12, 2017, the Crow Moon foretells an exciting and powerful time of change.

In North America, native peoples gave names to the moons to indicate what to expect in that month.

Full Crow Moon

The March full moon is called the Full Crow Moon because of the crows gathering to welcome spring. We hear their cawing and are reminded of the continuous transformation of life. Crow is a symbol of the magic and mystery of life which unfolds again at this time of year. Of course readers in the Southern hemisphere may be having the opposite experience and prepare for winter. As the earth shifts it balances.

March is the month where the ground begins to thaw and spring begins to unfold. Life begins to sprout again. The birds return to their nesting areas and loudly claim their territory. Crows chase away the hawks and flashy red-wing blackbirds stake their claims. As the ground thaws the earthworms begin to burst through the surface. The robins and other birds return because of the buffet rather than the weather. The full moon in March is also named the Full Worm Moon for the return of earthworms.

The March full moon is also called the Full Crust Moon, to signify when the snow gets crusty because it thaws in the day and refreezes at night. It is also called the Full Sap Moon, to identify the time that sap begins to run from the trees and the Maple Sugar Moon for the delicious product made from the life-giving sap of Maple trees. As the ground thaws and the trees come back to life, maple sap flows like a river. Every year the sweetness of life returns.

In the Southern Hemisphere this month’s full moon is called the Harvest Moon or Corn Moon and represents the abundance of life. The growing season is coming to closure and it is time to reap the rewards.

In China this lunar month is called the Sleepy Moon. As the days begin to get longer, people tend to need more sleep. This month, honor the requirements of your body and rest when you feel like it. You will get more done when you are fresh and revitalized.

This Month’s Guidance

The crows are very active lately. The other day there were THIRTY-SIX crows in a tree in my backyard. Crows represent the bringing of magic and the ability to move between dimensions. It is a special and powerful time.

The arrival of the Crow Moon foretells the arrival of spring in the Northern hemisphere. It is a time where life comes back to our world. The past few months have been very heavy. People have felt lost, anxious, angry, depressed and saddened by what they perceive as a negative direction in the world. It is time to celebrate. Life regenerates and we will soon see the melting of snow, the budding of trees and the arrival of flowers.

Take this energy and apply it to your own life. Begin to plant seeds where you want things to grow. Begin to feel the warmth of the sun bringing joy and happiness back to your life. Yes there is still work to do, but this work can be happy work. Stand tall in your truth and know that the shifting energy is helping us all create a better future. The contrasts and catalysts are doing their job, and every time you perceive a situation where your values are being challenged, be thankful for the opportunity to proudly state your values and let them grow.

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

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