Full Beaver Moon – Supermoon, November 13-14, 2016

supermoon1As we begin the next lunar month, the sky will be filled with the light of the brightest and largest moon so far this century. We can tell by the news that this moon has a great affect on our moods and weather patterns. High energy also means high opportunity, so prepare to shift your world.

Officially occurring at 8:52 a.m. EST on November 14, the full moon will be brightest on the night of November 13. This month is a Supermoon, which occurs when the moon’s elliptical orbit brings it closer to Earth. This month, the moon will be the closest it has been since 1948, and we will not experience this proximity again until November, 2034.

beaver_moon2The full moon of November is called the Beaver Moon by Native American cultures. The beavers have already built their lodges for the winter and are now making final preparations to survive the coldest months. For Native Americans, this month was the last chance to trap beavers to claim their furs for winter warmth.

Beaver pelts were the first natural resource to be exploited by Europeans in North America. The pelts had such value that they became a form of currency for trade. Because of the value of their fur, along with resistance to their environmental impact, the North American population of beaver fell from 60 million in the early 1800s to a point where the species was endangered in 1930. Protective measures have helped stabilize the beaver population which is now between 6 and 12 million. As you look into the night sky, think about the adjustments humanity has to make to live in harmony with our planet.

The November full moon is also called the Frosty Moon, being the time of year when we wake up to frost on the grass and windows. In China it is called the White Moon because of the clear skies this time of year.

In the Southern Hemisphere the November moon is called the Corn Moon, Milk Moon, Flower Moon, or Hare Moon. While the Northern hemisphere prepares to shut down for winter, the Southern hemisphere anticipates the abundant growth of spring.

This Month’s Guidance

the_wave-_amadeus_series_rtp_finalThe proximity of the moon increases its influence on our planet and on our emotions. We are creatures composed mainly of water living on a planet composed mainly of water. The celestial body that creates high tides is now at its most powerful position. Remain aware that YOU are in control of yourself, how you feel and what actions you take. Strive to maintain your balance in a chaotic world. Stay grounded and focused on what you wish to create. In chaos there is opportunity.

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

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Full Beaver Moon: : November 14, 2016 (Frosty Moon, White Moon)
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