Full Sturgeon Moon: August 18, 2016

red_moon_w_sturgeon_haida2aIn the Northern Hemisphere, the month of August brings to us the Full Sturgeon Moon. Officially occurring at 5:27 a.m. EDT on Thursday, August 18, 2016, this moon represents the continuation of fertility and abundance in all aspects of our lives. The upcoming lunar month provides tremendous opportunity to apply your creative powers and shift your world.

The Full Sturgeon Moon is named after the best time of year to catch fish. While the existence of sturgeon can be traced back over 200 million years, unfortunately the species is now endangered. We can appreciate the abundance of our world and yet recognize that mankind has created an imbalance in the natural order of this planet. We need to think about what we can do to live more harmoniously in our eco-system; spend time this lunar month thinking about what YOU can do to help our shift.

sturgeon-fraser-valley-bcThe August full moon is also called the Red Moon (due to atmospheric density during summer the moon can appear red), the Green Corn Moon (to indicate the appearance of cobs on the corn), and the Grain Moon (when the fields fill with grain for later harvest).

In the Southern Hemisphere, this full moon is called the Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, or Wolf Moon. Once again our planet shows balance; as the northern half prepares to reap the harvests, the southern half survives on the last of what was stored during their harvest.

This Month’s Guidance

In the Hindu belief system, creation energy is comprised of three gunas (or fundamental life forces), which are Sattva, Raja and Tama. Read more here The full moon is a high period for Raja-Tama energy, which is representative of the darker side of humanity. There is potential that the distress created by full moon and penumbral eclipse energy can be used for personal gain with greed in mind. It is a good time to create chaos. In response, Lightworkers benefit by maintaining high focus on grounding and purity of purpose.

Pay special attention to attempts to shift the energies of humanity. Stay focused and grounded. Recognize that in any given moment YOU have the power to raise or lower your vibration. Spend this lunar month moving forward and creating what YOU want in your life. Surfing through chaos can be exhilarating!

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

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