Full Flower Moon: May 21, 2016

The full moon this month provides our next step of manifestation. Bulbs planted in the past sprout into full bloom. Seeds are finally put into solid ground and immediately begin to root. It is a month to take action and start the ball rolling. Imagine what we can create in time for the next full moon!

Officially occurring at 5:15 PM EDT May 21, 2016, this full moon will be at its brightest on Saturday night. In North America, native peoples gave names to the moons to indicate what to expect in that month.

Full Flower Moon

flower-moon2The name of this lunar month is self-explanatory. It is the time when flowers begin to bloom. Color comes back to the earth, like Dorothy arriving in Oz. We are energized by new life sprouting up around us. Birds and wildlife have paired off to procreate. Our annual resurrection is underway.

The full moon in May is also called the Full Corn Planting Moon (when the most important native crop is planted), or the Milk Moon (when spring babies seek their mother’s milk).

In China this month sees the Dragon Moon. To the Chinese, the dragon was believed to exhale the wind and summon the rain. As the spirit that is the master of water, the Dragon brings life to the world.

In the Southern Hemisphere the season’s are opposite the Northern experience, therefore the names are different. In the land of under, the full moon in May is called Hunter’s Moon, Beaver Moon, or Frost Moon. It is a time to bundle up and appreciate the warmth of home.

This Month’s Guidance

plant-a-treeIf you have been thinking of getting projects underway, now is the time to take specific action. This lunar month provides an opportunity for a turning point or milestone in your creation. While planning and visualization is important to manifestation, at some point you must make a commitment to growth. Put the shovel into the ground. Plant the seeds and start watering them. Do what you can to get things started. Of course it may take some time for results to arrive, but until you begin you will always just be thinking about your dreams.

In the southern hemisphere the weather may be different but the concepts remain the same. As you climb into your nest for the darker days of the year, what do you wish to accomplish between now and spring? Though tasks may change from outdoors to indoors, there is still much to be done.

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