Angel Card Reading: Monday, November 7, 2016

Every week I shift into balanced vibration and choose three cards that can provide guidance and hints for the upcoming week.

You are welcome to pick one, two or all three cards in your mind prior to reading the messages.
As you do this, clear your mind of expectations and allow your higher self to guide this experience.
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The purpose of Angel Card readings is to stimulate thoughts, awaken new understanding and to help you choose your direction. While we always have creative power in our experiences, the introduction of concepts can clarify our intentions. While each of us will create our own interpretations of the message, I have included both Doreen Virtue’s and my own impressions about what the card means.

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue


Doreen: The angels are addressing and assisting you with your romantic needs. Ask for and accept the angel’s help with your love life.

Glenn: Whether you are single or involved, it is important to feel loved. The feeling of connection to another person awakens many aspects of self that remain hidden until the right person brings them to the surface. Pay special attention to being the person who will attract love into your life. Present yourself nicely in public; walk with a smile on your face; be open with strangers and share some positive energy. As you glow from within, you are more likely to attract the attention of someone special. Count on it.


Doreen: Pay attention to your dreams right now. Keep a dream journal.

Glenn: When we are asleep, information comes to us from within and from external sources. Sometimes this information creates stories in our dreams and we can learn from them. Sometimes the information simply comes as a download of data. Either way, what comes to you while you sleep can have an effect on your waking life. Take time to understand the meaning of your dreams, but also be prepared to just accept them and let it go. Sometimes we download information for later use and will not know what to do with it until the right moment approaches. This week remain especially aware of signs that guide your path.


Doreen: God and the Angels are helping you right now. Continue to ask for their help and then accept it when it comes (and it always does).

Glenn: The first step in manifesting a universe that serves your needs is to create a vision of what you want. When you do this and say it out loud, you are declaring your desires. This is important because in order for you to state your desires, you must first sort through all the options in front of you and choose. The act of choosing sets in motion the fulfillment. Sometimes the details of how things unfold are complete surprises, and only when completion is filled do you realize that what you asked for came in a different way than expected. Cherish the love that continually comes to you and point yourself on the path that leads where you want to go. Then trust.


The cards this week are all about receiving help from external sources. Yes it is important to work from within, but at this time you must trust that other powers will influence the outcome. Be receptive to love, be receptive to change. Remain aware of doors that open for you and walk through with confidence and without expectations. Continually move YOURSELF into high vibration and trust that support comes to you in many ways.

©Copyright 2016 Glenn Stewart Coles
The deck used for this reading is Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue.

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