The Call of the Lightworker

chakra-planetsTo be a Lightworker involves making the choice to continually raise your own vibration and to share that higher vibration with others. Lightworkers express compassion, kindness, acceptance, wisdom and love. For many of us, Lightwork is also a calling. It is a role we were born for and have been in training for all of our lives.

The time has come for Lightworkers to act. We have come here for a reason and that is to change the world by uplifting ourselves. Our most direct action is internal, and only through raising our own vibration can we step into the role. Though there are many challenges to overcome, humanity is quite capable of raising itself to a harmonious equilibrium with our planet. However, to do so we must change.

All change begins within. As Lightworkers, our first duty is to ourselves. As we learn how to disconnect from turmoil and raise our own vibration, we also gain the power to help shift others. When we stand in the light, others begin to see that their path can follow the light as well. We must first set an example and then we can begin to implement change. Lightworkers often have special skills and unique talents; develop your innate abilities with enthusiasm.

harmony1aThe most dangerous threat to mankind is polarity. Us and them. The good guys and the bad guys. The left wing and the right wing. There are too many polarities to list and each one only serves to divide us. We are a species of diversity. See what you have in common with others rather than focusing on differences. As soon as we learn to not only accept our differences but to cherish them, we begin to realize that everything is beautiful (in its own way).

There are many things that we want to change, especially when we read the newspapers. Contrast provides us with the opportunity to lower our vibration; we can also make the choice to raise ourselves. Be very aware of your power and strength. You are not slave to your environment; you are in control of yourself. You control what you do; you control how you react.

I know it is hard to see the light of the future when so many things are wrong. Far too many people use weapons every day. Maintaining our existence depends on the continued destruction of our planet. We digest the slaughter of millions of creatures every day. We keep reading about hatred and danger; the element of fear is used as a tool to divide us and have us seek safety, even at the cost of the well-being of others.

change1Millions of people face dire emergencies, from war and oppression to draught and starvation. The belief in shortages drives the need to overlook basic compassion. How can we offer help to refugees when so many of our own need help? How can we allow people into our country who might kill us? How can we exist without the banks and financial rule of our daily lives? All of these questions have answers, and those answers are within the Lightworkers.

Many of the battles take place within ourselves. People feel depressed, anxious, lonely or hopeless. Old memories, trauma from the past, hard feelings and extreme anger are all retained within the energy body of those who have not yet evolved. Releasing that energy is a choice. Yes the path can be a challenge, but when you realize your power you also realize that you are capable of doing anything. Take care of yourself first; shift your energy to a higher vibration and become the shining light that you know you can become.

The most important skill you can learn is to be able to move into a state of high vibration. Learn how to stop your mind, learn how to create calmness, learn deep breathing and silence. When you realize that you can move into this state at any time, you then realize the power you have over your own state of being. You are wise to work through past issues, but always remember the power that you have HERE and NOW.

lightworkers1When someone pushes your buttons and makes you feel like lashing out; STOP. Maintain your power and control over yourself. When you let the words or actions of someone else change your own behavior, you are giving them power. Instead, take the high road. Be thankful for the lesson in identifying a ‘button’ and understand within yourself why that trigger has an effect on you. Then choose to alter your perception and reduce the power of that button. With every small step, you gain more power.

This does not mean that we should ignore our issues. Self-improvement is a daily task for the rest of your life. However, rather than dwelling on old issues or claiming that you can never change, step into your power and create what you want. Be brave. Be adventurous. And most of all, feel gratitude for everything that has occurred to bring you where you are today. Love who you are NOW.

lightbody11As Lightworkers, we raise our vibration by looking at everything with love. From the sun and the flowers to the wind and the snow, everything is beautiful. People may say ‘how can I forgive someone who has wronged me’ and the answer is that forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. Releasing anger and attachment from an old trauma does not mean that the action was okay, just that you will not let it continue to have a negative impact on your present self. Letting things go does not mean that you forget them, simply that you choose to vibrate higher.

Take a moment and go to a mirror. Look yourself in the eye and say ‘I love you’. If this action is difficult, recognize that you have some work to do. You are a glorious soul here today to make a difference. There is nothing in front that you are incapable of doing; simply be yourself and use your ability to make the changes necessary to shift the world. You are a Lightworker here for a purpose. Now is the time to raise your vibration. Then share.

The next few weeks will be high energy. Many feelings will come to the surface throughout humanity, from depression and anxiety to fear and anger. We are also capable of creating love and compassion and beauty. We can choose to be optimistic rather that pessimistic; we can choose to be happy rather than sad. There is always more than one door to open; if you recognize that a doorway leads to lower vibration you can just shut it and move on to another door that feels better. In chaos there is opportunity; as more and more Lightworkers use that opportunity to raise vibration, everything shifts.

The world can be changed and it begins with you.
©Copyright 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles

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