Full Hunter’s Moon – Supermoon, October 15-16, 2016

screenshot5330The upcoming lunar month could see dramatic changes in the human condition. Not only are man-made energies high around the world; we are also experiencing high energy on a planetary scale, both around the globe and from our position in the universe. Get ready for a ride and remember to stay grounded and hang on.

The full moon this month is named the Hunter’s Moon; it officially occurs at 12:23 a.m. on Sunday, October 16. However, the moon will be brightest in the sky on the night of October 15. It is the perfect time of year to begin storing food for winter. Deer and other creatures are fattened for the upcoming cold weather. Leaves have fallen from trees, making movement through the forest easier as the moonlight once blocked can now get through and light the way. The harvested fields are now bare, giving a hunter good view for long distance. Because of the potential for hunting game, this full moon is also called the Blood Moon, the Sanguine Moon or the Dying Grass Moon. Because of the brightness and the ability to see over distance, this moon is also called the Travel Moon.

hunters_moonThis month we will also experience a Super Moon, a time when the moon is closes to earth and appears larger and brighter in the sky. The closeness of the moon increases its gravitational pull, resulting in a higher level of storms and planetary change. In tandem with the Super Moon, there has been a high level of solar activity. Solar flares are affecting all energy on the planet. Do not be surprised if electronic devices act up, if communications are affected, or if there are occasional blackouts. As a small ball traveling through space, our planet is vulnerable to the energy of external sources.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this full moon is called Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Seed Moon, Pink Moon, or Waking Moon. While northern countries prepare for winter, the south prepares for spring and growing season. One way or another, there is always balance on our planet.

In China, the full moon this month is called the Kindly Moon. The first light snow of winter would quickly melt, softening the ground and making it easy to plant winter wheat. The Kindly Moon represented how the earth made life easier for farmers.

This Month’s Guidance

The message of the Hunter’s Moon is to stock up and prepare for winter. It may be more important this year than other years due to the tensions around our planet. Change could come fast.

hmoon1We are reaching a pinnacle in the energies created by human activity. Concerns of war in the Middle East and Asia are escalating. We are only minutely aware of the suffering of those directly affected by bombing and street fighting in Syria; and to date the war has been small. As tensions increase there may be interactions drawing on our ability to stay peaceful. More than ever, we must insist on sitting at the negotiating table and working out peaceful solutions to our problems and disagreements. The only ones who profit from war are the weapon makers.

The American election comes to pass, and after eighteen months of propaganda and rhetoric, we are about to see what happens. The intention to divide has been apparent throughout this race; it is time for us to all see the bigger picture. Perhaps it is time for the people to step up and insist on fair, compassionate, far-sighted leadership to SERVE the people.

heart-moonSo what does this mean for you? Be prepared. Make sure you have food, water and supplies available in case you cannot easily get them at the store. At the same time, recognize that sitting in fear and worry only escalates the problem. Once you have made preparations, focus on living in joy in the moment. Be kind and compassionate to others. Encourage love instead of division. Recognize that most people on this planet simply want to live a good life and be at peace with other. Now is a time to introduce POSITIVE change to our world and this change ALWAYS begins within. We are all creators, and together we can make a difference.

You can determine the times of moonrise and moonset for your location using this Moon Calculator

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Full Hunter’s Moon: October 16, 2016 (Full Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon, Travel Moon)
Full Beaver Moon: : November 14, 2016 (Frosty Moon, White Moon)
Full Cold Moon: December 29, 2016 (Full Long Nights Moon, Winter Moon)

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