The Real Body Language

chakra connectionsThe field of energy surrounding your body interacts directly with other people. Though many people cannot see the human aura, we can all perceive it. The concept of body language, often assumed to be visual in nature, is actually a representation of the energy we are transmitting. The real body language has a physical as well as a psychological explanation.

While being trained to see auras, I was exposed to the concept of auric interaction. Pairs of people were put at the front of the room for the students to observe. First, two men stood face to face, and while I could see both of their auras, there was a distinct gap between them. Their auras moved back to avoid contact. Next, two women got up, and their auras did not retract. Instead, the fields of light seemed to mingle.

A young man and a pretty woman got up in front of the class and faced each other. While her aura remained quite stable, his aura noticeably expanded towards her. When we want to get closer to someone, we radiate a different type of energy.

Finally, an older married couple got up and faced each other. Their auras were different colors. His was blue and hers was yellow. The colors intermingled to a greenish hue between them. What I found most remarkable were the lines that I could see. There were dark lines of purple light, about an inch thick, extending from forehead to forehead, throat to throat, chest to chest. I could quite distinctly see lines of energy connecting the two people.

The lines of energy that I could see corresponded directly with their chakras. Chakras are points in the body where energy moves in a vortex. There are seven major chakras, located at the groin, pelvis, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and scalp. The energy of each chakra forms into a shape like a small tornado, with the base point emanating from the body and opening like a funnel. There are funnels of energy both front and back.

When people are communicating, they turn towards each other. The body language of a fully open stance is not just symbolic. It is the opening of the chakras to each other. Crossing arms over the chest blocks the energy from that chakra. When you are in a meeting, do you sit with an arm in front of your chest? This is because you are not willing to share energy or connect with the person across from you. Or at least, you do not want to share heart chakra energy.

When you have close interaction with someone, the energy from your chakras extends to join with the corresponding point on the other person. An open stance, face to face, allows full connection of auric energy. Any move away from the open stance reduces the connection.

When we are speaking with someone at close range, we often begin the conversation with our bodies at a slight angle. As the conversation continues, and as closeness grows, we turn to face the other squarely. This has the effect of lining up the chakras, allowing a free flow of energy.

Various postures that we take either enhance or reduce energetic connection. Someone who stands with arms crossed in front is not only presenting a visual image of protection; he is actually covering the heart chakra, stopping the other’s energy from connecting. A person resting his chin on his hand also blocks connection of the energy at the throat.

The connection of eyes is one of the main catalysts in allowing energy bonding to occur.
We are all aware of eye contact. When you look at someone across the room, and they are staring back at you, it is easy to tell if they are looking at you or at someone beside you. This is because an energetic bond has been created. When we avert our eyes, we are denying the connection.

Understanding the body as energy can be difficult. We are physical beings, and often cannot accept things that we cannot see and prove. Nevertheless, our auric field has a direct influence on our social interaction. We communicate with our energy. Increase your awareness and feel the effect.

Learn these basic skills at How to See Auras:
Transformational Exercises

1. Move your hands slowly together without touching, and again in front of your face. Can you sense the energy field.
2. Working with a partner, close your eyes and let your partner move his/her hand close to you without touching. Become aware of the energy field.
3. Observe how other people interact, and analyze their body language using the chakra-interaction model.
Excerpted from Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation by Glenn Stewart Coles
©Copyright 2009, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles

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