Angel Card Reading: Monday, March 20, 2017

Every week I shift into balanced vibration and choose three cards that can provide guidance and hints for the upcoming week.

You are welcome to pick one, two or all three cards in your mind prior to reading the messages.
As you do this, clear your mind of expectations and allow your higher self to guide this experience.

The purpose of Angel Card readings is to stimulate thoughts, awaken new understanding and to help you choose your direction. While we always have creative power in our experiences, the introduction of concepts can clarify our intentions. While each of us will create our own interpretations of the message, I have included both Doreen Virtue’s and my own impressions about what the card means.

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue


Doreen: Your prayer for a soulmate relationship is answered. Follow the guidance that you receive so that you may enjoy this gift of Divine Love.

Glenn: What an interesting way to start the week. If you have been waiting for something to happen, perhaps now is the time. Follow your intuition. Say yes to invitations. Go places and do things. Enjoy yourself and be in high vibration. As you do, you are likely to attract the same energy you are putting out. When you do, save evaluation (or judgment) for later. Enjoy the moment and meeting new people. Perhaps YOU are the one that they have been searching for.


Doreen: Pay careful attention to the messages the Angels give you now. You have asked for a sign and they deliver it. Notice and trust these signs.

Glenn: The most important aspect of perceiving intuitive signs is to pay attention. Keep your eyes open. Keep your mind IN THE MOMENT. Notice what seems different, what seems out of place, what seems to repeat itself. As you increase your awareness you are much more likely to see the signs that are being offered. The next step is to trust. Follow the signs. Trust that they are there for a purpose and allow the guidance to shift your awareness and lead you in new directions.


Doreen: Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences.

Glenn: Everything that you create is created because you have focused on it. Accept that you have direct impact on what you are experiencing TODAY and begin to shift your attention towards creating more of what you DO want. Every step towards a goal continues to bring those results into manifestation. Of course some things take time, but if you find joy in the journey you have what you want even before it is there.


This week contains a unique combination of creating and allowing. Raise your awareness of what you have created and shift your thoughts and energy towards your dreams. Have the courage to dream big. Once you have told the universe what you desire, allow things to unfold in a natural way. Instead of forcing the issue or complaining that things have not happened yet, instead find joy that each little step up the mountain still gets you to the top of the mountain. Be happy and dream. It is the first day of spring; plant the seeds and watch them grow.
©Copyright 2017 Glenn Stewart Coles
The deck used for this reading is Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue.