The New Spirituality

soul-missionOur species is progressing at a rapid pace. All around the world people are awakening to a new spirituality. It is spirituality based not on religious faith but on compassionate feeling, spirituality based on remembering and understanding who we are. We begin to realize that we are not alone and separate, but are instead connected to everyone and everything in our world.

The old regimes of politics and religion, which are based on power and control, will resist the change. The way that things are now results from outdated belief systems that allow rule through fear. Contrasts are great between the world that we desire and the world that we observe. However, as our spiritual awareness grows, we will become even more conscious of disparity, until a critical mass is reached and the world awakens as one.

While everyone must have the right to grow and progress spiritually, complete individual freedom is not paramount. Free will is limited as there will be rules to follow. However, it is important that rules are used not to control individuals but instead to encourage positive growth for all. For a society to be peaceful and just, there must be a sense of order. For people to lead a safe and happy life, they must be protected from intimidation and abuse.

The paradox is that once everyone has reached a spiritual plateau, there will no longer be the desire to intimidate or abuse. Once people have remembered creative abundance, there will be no need to steal. Once people have recognized oneness, there will be no desire to harm another. Though the days may look dark, we are on a path of spiritual awakening that cannot be stopped.


Spiritual Guidelines

Unlike most religions, spirituality is open to the interpretation of individuals. What feels right for one may not feel right for another, yet neither way is superior. The uniqueness of individuals is one of our blessed gifts. It is important that people be allowed to follow their chosen path.

However, though each person may choose to celebrate spirituality and existence in their own way, there are certain guidelines that a spiritual person will follow. These common elements of spirituality are what allow each person to be both unique, yet still a positive contributor to the common good.

Human rights are paramount. Once the masses realize that we are all connected, spiritually and energetically, we will realize that harming one harms us all. As people become spiritual, violence will diminish.

Spirituality is not religion. It is not faith in a particular book, its interpretations, or a set of rules. Instead, spirituality is a way of being that can be absorbed into all world religions. As a result, spirituality enhances rather than replaces all religions.

There is more than one way. Spirituality celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. It does not matter if you are Christian or Muslim, Democrat or Republican, short or tall,
black or white. Regardless of what defines you as a person, there is a spiritual path open to you.

Do not judge others. Their way is okay too. As long as someone does not harm another, their personal choices are their own business. Religious beliefs, sexual orientation, career, lifestyle, diet and other aspects of self are each person’s own business.

Ultimately, spirituality is love. When your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs all resonate with love, you are becoming spiritual. When your love is complete with no exceptions, you have experienced spiritual progress. When you exist in love with everything at all times, you have reached a spiritual plateau.

Excerpted from Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation by Glenn Stewart Coles
©Copyright 2009, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles

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