Have a NICE Day!

brain-waves3As our planet undergoes vibrational shifts, many people are experiencing heightened awareness. For some, personal issues have come to the surface, and we continue our work of healing. It is a time when people can release old issues and move into a new vibration. It is a time when we can have direct impact on our growth, creating a new future for ourselves.

In our heightened vibration, old memories and feelings are shaken to the surface. People from your past may have come back into your life, or the characteristics of new acquaintances may remind you of someone. Old scenes are triggered, and we become aware of how certain feelings have developed. Often, we realize how deeply affected we are by certain memories and beliefs.

When an old memory returns, there are likely emotions attached. Sometimes the emotion is joyous and sometimes it is painful. There may be memories that have been repressed or ignored because they are too painful to deal with, or other memories whose flavor has changed with time. Some recollections involve incredible detail, enough for us to write a script or paint a picture. At either a conscious or subconscious level, memories are utilized to awaken emotions.

harmony1aWe tend to relive certain memories, recreating feelings and strengthening the neural pathways that support the story. Familiar pathways become like well-worn grooves, continually coaxing thoughts in the same direction. The way that we think becomes habit and our responses become easily triggered. Situations and experiences are compared to previous encounters and we fall into patterns.

If we understand how the mind works, we can make a conscious effort to improve our thought patterns. Altering our thoughts will alter our emotions, not with the intention of eliminating emotion, but with the intention of re-directing emotions and using them as an important and useful part of our existence. We should not be afraid to feel, but neither should we be trapped in negativity or stagnation. When emotions and beliefs hold back our progress, it becomes time to release and move forward the NICE way.

NICE stands for Neurally Integrated Consciousness Expansion. The NICE way implies using intentional thoughts and behavioral training to expand consciousness beyond its current levels. By raising awareness to the level where thought patterns can be recognized, it becomes possible to make choices and encourage the creation of different neural pathways. Each time you consciously create thoughts with positive outcome, you increase the chances of that neural path occurring again.

The key element of thought recognition is to separate now from then.

intuitionOften we recall memories that awaken feelings. A particular event or circumstance may have had great impact on our life. Recalling the memory of the event can directly affect our feelings. It is important to recognize that these feelings have been invoked by thoughts. It is always possible to stop thinking about the stimulating event and return to a more neutral space. By experimenting with meditation and contemplation of memories, it is possible to resolve old conflicts and release old issues.

It is possible to exist in a heightened state of awareness. It is possible to create a happy, joyous and creative existence. Why settle for less? Have a NICE day!

Transformational Exercises

1. Identify three old memories that still surface every now and then.
2. Write down the story of that memory.
3. What feelings are identified by each memory?
4. If there are memories that produce undesired feelings, identify a related story or event that leads to positive feelings. For example, if you have a depressing memory related to a certain place, identify a happy memory in the same or similar place.

Excerpted from Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation by Glenn Stewart Coles

┬ęCopyright 2009, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles



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