Shifting the Fire Rooster

On Saturday, January 28, 2017 we begin the year of the Fire Rooster. Get ready for a ride!

Year of the Rooster

The Rooster is renowned for cocky behavior, strutting around the barnyard and dominating the pen. He is known for his loud cry at dawn, loudly stating ‘If I am awake, you should be as well.’

The Year of the Rooster is often dominated by social shift towards progress, honor and integrity. Of course what one person sees as progress, another sees as a step backwards. Honor for some is dishonor for others. Though Rooster years often encourage people to be less stubborn, in this Fire year there will be clashes of beliefs and values.

There is great divisiveness in the world, primarily based on opinions about what is right and what should be done. While you follow your heart when defining your own values, you will benefit from stepping above the conflicts and looking at them from a higher level. As you move upwards in your viewpoint, the defining elements of black and white become grey.

There will be lots of crowing this year, proclaiming opinions and values intended to be ‘the truth’. It is especially important to recognize that most ‘truth’ is subjective and based upon beliefs and objectives. There is always more than one side to every story, and most sides can be supported by logical points. This does not make it ‘truth’. This year pledge to remain aware of your own truth while being open to understand everyone else’s truth as well. Our progressive evolution depends on our ability to accept that other people may think differently than us and we can still co-exist. Harmony is achievable.

The Element of Fire

In addition to the high energy that awakens in a Rooster year, there is also the Fire element to consider.

Fire represents heat, the application of energy to raise temperature. It is a time when molecules are stimulated to move faster. In a Fire year, recognize that things may get hot and emotions will rise. Fire always stimulates change and sometimes that change can be uncomfortable.

When considering Chinese Horoscopes, It is important to remember that Chinese Philosophy always incorporates the concept of balance, of yin and yang. The feminine perspective of fire provides the Violet Flame, where we recognize fire as something we need to survive. Violet Flame invokes warmth and compassion, the feeling of comfort at home and the healing power of heat. While the year of Fire can be hot and challenging, it can also be a year of growth and increased light. In your personal aura YOU are the one who chooses how to use the energy.

What to Watch For

Combining the masculine elements of fire and rooster brings the potential of a year full of controversy, debate and finger-pointing. There are many challenges to overcome and many different opinions about the best way to do things. In a time when more people are mobilizing than ever before, people will stand up for their rights and boldly proclaim that their way is better. Unfortunately the simple existence of contrast means that there will always be two opposing sides in each discussion. Recognize that division serves to weaken rather than strengthen your position. The best way to overcome ‘Us and Them’ is to create a common ‘Us’. We are all in this together.

The Year of the Rooster provides prospects to elevate and raise our vibration.
In chaos there is opportunity.

Shifting the Year of the Fire Rooster

This will be an important year for humanity. You can have influence on the outcome. While it may seem that we must simply follow along helplessly with whatever happens, the reality is that your thoughts, words and actions have direct influence on the mass consciousness. Whatever you put out is amplified, encouraging those who have similar thoughts and potentially shifting those who think differently. Change is implemented not through head on confrontation but instead through shifting of perspective. Virtually every story has a viewpoint, and if you shift the viewpoint the story changes.

Do you spread love or hate? Do you resonate with confidence or with fear? Do you stimulate growth in others or do you awaken resistance? Whenever you manage to address situations from a higher perspective, a shift towards positive outcome is more likely. Of course you will not win every battle and that is the secret. Battle is for losers. There is always a way to elevate a situation towards benefit for all.

As you strut your stuff around the barnyard, recognize that while you may seem high and mighty to the chickens, to a fox you are simply a meal. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and go with the flow. Use your dashing energy wisely and pick the smart fights. It is not necessary to get involved in every debate or argument. Pace yourself and retain your power for when it really matters. YOU have the power to directly influence your vibration in the moment. This year, take hold of your power first and foremost. Once you are in higher vibration, you have more balance and more influence.

Because of it’s early morning routine announcing the return of the sun, the Rooster is associated with resurrection. Many things that have been dormant will come to life this year. While some may see the reawakening of certain concepts as negative, the year also provides for the acceleration of old projects. What have you been thinking about for years but have not really started? Now is the year to do it. Resurrect YOUR old goals and make them come alive. The energy is there to support you once you get some momentum.

Bird On Fire

The symbol of a flaming bird is common in our mythology. Fire Rooster is very similar to the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the resurrection of hope and renewal of life. It is also the symbol of the Mockingjay, the badge of resistance that changed the world by recognizing the power of the masses over the power of the few. The Year of the Fire Rooster will be an exciting ride. Stay grounded, open your heart to others, and connect to your higher self. Cock-a- doodle do!

©Copyright 2017 Glenn Stewart Coles
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