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higherself1All around the world people are awakening to a new spirituality. It is spirituality based not on religious faith but on compassionate feeling, empathy and personal enlightenment. It is a spirituality based on remembering and understanding who we are. At Shifting Vibration we hope to help you accelerate your growth.


higher-self-connectionYour body resonates with a vibration that changes regularly with your moods and environment. When you move into a higher vibration your world improves; you carry this vibration with you and share it with others.

At this site we provide stimulus to raise your vibration. Proceed and enjoy!

Articles will be focused on one or two of the following categories:

A Lightworker is a person who chooses to help the world by raising vibration of self and others. Improving yourself raises your ability to help others; therefore we focus on conscious evolution and new concepts that enhance personal growth.


Inspiring stories, Inspiring people. Whether dealing with adversity, sharing new concepts or changing the world, these stories evoke admiration and motivation.

Every new idea changes the world. Here are some that provide great impact on the advancement of our species and the salvation of our planet.

Great accomplishments require great drive and focus. Motivation comes through continuous belief in success and continuous action towards completion. Here are some amazing stories.


When a new concept enters your realm you are changed forever. The path to enlightenment is continuous; here we provide stimulus to accelerate your journey.

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