Conscious Evolution

There is an opportunity to move the future of humanity in a positive direction, and YOU can contribute to this change.

While most people believe in the concept of evolution, many think that it only occurred in the past. I propose that the evolution of humanity is constant and continuous. The state of mass consciousness is different now than when you were born and we grow every day. We are constantly changing as a species and we each have the ability to directly impact that change.

What is evolution?

Evolution is the concept that each progressive generation of a species is a little bit different than the previous generation. These difference or changes occur in order to help a species adapt to a new or changing environment. While the change may be small or large on an individual basis, over time we can measure a direct difference between several generations.

For the human species there are many examples of this occurrence.

Does anyone remember Mark Spitz? He was the American swimmer who won seven gold medals in the 1972 Olympics. At that time he was the fastest swimmer in the world and no-one could come close to beating him.

In 2008, Mark Spitz would not have made the Olympic swim team. The qualifying time by Michael Phelps in the 200 m freestyle was EIGHT SECONDS faster than Mark’s world record. In just over thirty years the training and conditioning of swimmers had changed so much that Mark Spitz would not have been chosen as one of the backups. While some of that difference could be due to training techniques, we have also seen how athletes become faster, stronger and better every year.

If we look at the general population, the fastest growing age group is seniors older than 90. When I was growing up the life expectancy for men was 72 and for women was 74. Today those ages are considered young. Of course our advancements in medical technology have extended life span, but there has also been an evolution that must be noted.

The same can be said about the age of maturity. In the 1960’s the age of puberty was about 13. Now we see boys and girls beginning to mature at age 8 or 9. Yes we can look at the addition of hormones into the food chain as one of the contributors to this variance, but perhaps we have also seen an evolution of the human growth cycle.

We have reached a point in the history of humanity where our evolution is more than just genetic. We are now at a point where the evolution of our species is essential to our survival. Evolution is required in the way that we live, the way that we communicate, and the way that we co-exist with our neighbors and with our planet.

We have also seen a vast increase in what people often call ‘gifts’. There are more people who are empathic and are physically aware of the feelings of others. There are more people who are psychic, who have deeper intuition and knowledge of what is yet to come. There are also more who have not yet learned to adjust to their higher perceptions and abilities. The extreme increase of children who are autistic or attention deficit can be directly related to a higher level of sensitivity to a chaotic environment.

In order to take advantage of our growing abilities and the needs of our species, we have it within our power to make choices and take active steps towards improving ourselves. As more and more people take these steps, the entire human race benefits.

Conscious Evolution is the concept that we have the ability to choose what the human species becomes. The choices we make are based on what we believe are the ideals that will improve our chances of long term survival and improve the human experience.

Do we choose separation and division or do we choose mutual co-operation?

Do we choose co-creation and the building of solutions that help everyone, or do we choose competition that ensures winners and losers?

Do we choose to destroy our world by continuing to devastate our ecological system or do we choose to seek harmony with our planet by introducing sustainable living practices?

Conscious Evolution involves empowering every individual to take steps of self-improvement. As each of us actively moves towards a higher vibration of self, the outcome of that change is felt by the entire population. Every one of us contributes to the sum total of human consciousness. Imagine if seven billion people decided to put their efforts into making the world a better place. One by one we make a difference; together we change the direction of our species.

Within every cell of your body is a blueprint that shapes your physical presence. While your environment and experiences have a direct effect on the end result, your DNA is the core element behind how your body exists. From body size and shape to the color of your eyes and hair, your DNA is directly influential on your physical structure.

The active elements within DNA are called protein-encoding, which means that the proteins combine to determine genetic features. Ninety-eight percent of human DNA is considered non-coding, which means that it is not actively used as a pattern for protein sequencing. Therefore, only 2% of your DNA is responsible for the blueprint of your physical presence.

The rest of the unidentified portion has sometimes been referred to as ‘junk DNA’. This name was chosen simply because scientists don’t know what it does. However, within this unused element of each cell in our body, there is tremendous potential. What can we create if we awaken that blueprint? What possibilities for evolution lie within our very structure? Perhaps all we need to do is apply intention and focus in order to awaken our own potential. Within your DNA lies the potential to grow beyond what we are today.

What we have experienced in our lifetime is a linking together of mass consciousness that goes beyond anything ever experienced by humans. The ability of each individual to make an impact on the outcome has been greatly increased.

We have the opportunity to be more than observers in this process. The theory of Conscious Evolution brings empowerment to the development of our species. It allows us the ability to take active steps towards changing our path and creating a new future. As we take steps to improve ourselves, we set a good example as we stimulate and teach others to do the same. Through our choices, thoughts and actions we can accelerate the evolution of ourselves, thereby accelerating the evolution of humanity.

I call on each and every reader to take steps to Consciously Evolve.

©Copyright 2018 Glenn Stewart Coles

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