The Future of Lightworkers of the World

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“I just want to say thank you so much. I’ve been hoping for guidance through these changes to keep progressing and I believe this group could provide this guidance so thank you thank you from the very depth of my soul.”

“It is for people like him that you have created the Lightworkers of the World page… a home for all to gather… and share… and care… and grow.. with the magic of synchronistic actuality.”

“I’ve been a spiritual guy for decades. But I am amazed at what I found here. The people. The energy. The compassion. The sincerity.”

The Future of Lightworkers of the World

chakra-artThe facebook group Lightworkers of the World has come a long way. From startup in 2009 by Shawn Jason, the group grew into a gathering place of like-minded souls. Since 2013 when Shawn asked me to step in, the group has grown from 30,000 to 126,000. Along the way we have continually established a culture of love, support, acceptance, healing and sharing. We are here to uplift each other, to accelerate awakening of self and others, and to provide support to those who ask.

For three of us (myself, Maria Simeou, Hope E Ransom) managing this page has become a full-time effort. Three additional admin (Steve Miller, Maaht Avello, Shawn) participate in shifting discussions and uplifting the team. While we all make posts and comment on discussions, the bulk of our effort is behind the scenes. Adding new members, deleting inappropriate posts, addressing member questions and concerns and basically keeping the page on track requires a lot of effort. Our group is attacked daily and the list of fake accounts banned from the group grows quickly.

So where is all this effort taking us?

blue-ray-lightworkerThe prime purpose of Lightworkers of the World is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by raising vibration of self and others. While shift may be triggered here, our resonance goes beyond this group. As we each raise vibration we carry that out into the world and share our love and efforts with others. Lightwork begins within and then we share.

In order to accomplish this objective, we create a group where members can read educational and uplifting material, be introduced to new ideas, participate in discussions and logical debates, receive support, love, advice and healing, and participate by uplifting others. Each member plays a role in shaping our experience; together we help shape the world.

If we wish this group to stay on track, we cannot allow free-for-all posting. Therefore we must make certain judgments about posts and whether they guide us towards or away from our mission. While not everyone will agree with our decisions, ultimately we must do what we feel is best for this group.

Based on our discussion and your feedback we would like to address some concepts.

1. Timewasters: We will continue to delete posts that provide no value while attracting comments, such as math puzzles, games, or posts that ask for ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’. Our group has become full of ‘pick-me’ posts, such as pick a tarot card, pick an angel, pick a crystal, etc. While these posts may be entertaining and get many responses, they also dominate the top posts and provide minimal value. These posts are also available through many other groups. We will be limiting these promotions to MONDAY ONLY. We will consider Monday as ‘Readings Day’. On Tuesday we will turn off comments on these posts so they gracefully fade away. We will be communicating directly with several regular posters on this topic.

2. Charging money. Though lightwork is done from the heart rather than the wallet, we can also create abundance for each other. As lightworkers we are here to support each other towards growth and positive creation. Members are welcome to promote themselves or their services as long as offerings are in line with group intentions. We believe it is entirely fair for a healer or psychic to charge for services as long as interactions are honest and upfront. However we do anticipate that members who promote are also active participants in the group. We are a community rather than a target market.

3. Selfie posts. In our community we feel it benefits us all when individuals introduce themselves. We are not all strangers, we are people on a similar path. Each of us can bring something unique to the group. So when someone posts their picture and says hello, or asks for healing, or provides an introduction, or asks for feedback, it is good. It serves our purpose to honor each other. We have the opportunity with each post to support, encourage and uplift a fellow lightworker; as we do this we also uplift ourselves. A hint for the posters though – the more you share when you post, the better feedback you will receive. Tell us something more than ‘read me’. Also, a selfie post should be YOU. Please do not post pictures of friends/coworkers/potential romantic partners etc without EXPRESS permission. It is unfair to put someone up for public response for your own benefit.

4. Approved Content: We encourage a wide range of posts that fit the requirement of uplifting the group or helping an individual. We will continue to delete posts that lower vibration. Pornography, graphic violence, animal abuse and political campaigning do not belong on this page. There are other places to post or see that content.

5. Banning Members: We will continue to remove members that we feel are harmful to the group.

6. Evaluation of validity. In our group there are many psychics and healers who offer services. We cannot attest to the value of any services of any members. Let the buyer beware. We will intervene in situations with several complaints; we may also comment directly on posts where we have concerns. However it is not up to us to determine if someone is providing quality service. We will leave it to the members to provide feedback.

7. Personal Empowerment. We do express a belief that personal empowerment is everything. Our growth is accelerated when we take responsibility for who , what and where we are on this journey. From there we encourage people to understand their power and alter their experience. Those who look for someone else to change their life for them are giving away their power. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for assistance in your healing, but ultimately you must accept ownership of your vibration.

8. Member Participation: Our group is busy, active, and constantly changing. Admin cannot be everywhere and see everything, so it really helps when members participate by reporting posts or discussion threads that require our attention. At the top right of each post is a small grey arrow, press that for a list of things to do including ‘report this post’. If you cannot access this feature, you can find a list of admins to contact by going to the members page and filtering by ‘admin’.

9. Mature Interaction: We do not expect everyone to agree on every topic. There will always be diversity and we believe that logical informative discussions are stronger when people present different viewpoints. However, it is important to always treat other members with respect. Name calling and hostility will not be tolerated in our group.

Ultimately, Lightworkers of the World has already achieved a lot. Every day we see people whose lives are changed because of interaction in our group. Every day we see spirits uplifted, minds opened, and hope awakened. With your participation we are helping thousands of people add to the higher vibration of mankind.

©Copyright 2016 Glenn Stewart Coles

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