The Lightworker Vision

I am a lightworker and I am here to change the world. It is a big task; fortunately I do not have to do it alone. Every day more people awaken to their potential and begin to see how to make a difference. Together we create a new world and a new experience.

A lightworker is a person who chooses to make the world a better place by raising vibration of self and others. Lightwork is both a calling and a choice. I have been training for this role for many lifetimes. Each of us has memories of past experiences, buried in our mind and carried in our DNA as cellular memories. Now we have the opportunity to awaken our skills and focus our efforts.

As we evolve, our concepts broaden. As our concepts broaden, we evolve. By introducing new ideas we create bigger pictures. As lightworkers, there are several concepts to consider that stimulate growth and change. As you digest these concepts, your energy shifts. Raise your awareness and enjoy the ride.

Lightwork Begins Within

1lightwork101aIf you want to change the world you must first start with yourself. Change your mind, your attitude and your perceptions. Change how you think of other people, how you communicate, how you share. Change your physical presence and enhance your energy field. The conundrum of existence is that you are already perfect and yet can spend the rest of your life on continuous self-improvement.

The biggest step is taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and experiences. Of course we will continually be influenced by external forces; however we always have the ability to influence back. Balance your focus between being (strengthen your glow) and doing (every action or inaction involves choice). The more you improve yourself, the better you are able to serve others. This is not ego, it is common sense. Shift yourself first.


The gift of empowerment is within and without. Recognize your power to create, to shine, to excel. Recognize your ability to guide your path through choice and action. Recognize your skills of perception and understand yourself to deeper levels. The state of free choice includes the power of self-management. When you accept your power, it grows.

Empowerment is also a gift to continuously give away. Empower everyone you meet. The affect of a nice gesture or compliment carries ripples through the world. When you help someone elevate, everyone wins. Help people recognize their power and perfection. Encourage people to help themselves. Empowerment with guidance raises self-esteem and has better results. Help people grow.

Conscious Evolution

artwork1Each of us has the ability to evolve beyond what we are at the moment. The extent of this evolution is a matter of speculation; we won’t know what humanity can become until we are already there. However, we do have creative power NOW to accelerate our evolution and nudge ourselves in the right direction.

Conscious evolution implies that every individual can take steps to shift body, mind and spirit towards a higher vibration. No matter what you focus on, participate In actions that raise your spirit, open your heart, and elevate your energy field. Investigate new ideas. Research and study whatever draws you, but make a point of always learning more. Push yourself a little harder and visualize what you would like to become. Take steps to accelerate your growth, such as Six Steps to DNA Activation. Seek to become more than you are today.

Cherish Every Soul

Every soul is unique, every soul is important. Everyone who reads these words is a special life force here to make a difference. As you honor yourself and your journey, encourage others to walk their own path. We are all creative and therefore we must all have the freedom to create. In this creation is the possibility that every soul recognizes and respects all other souls. When everybody does this, everybody wins.

Identify and remove any inferences of belief based on gender, race, religion, culture, ethnicity, age, sexual preferences, financial status, political views or any other divisive classification. EVERY SOUL is here on a journey. Every soul deserves respect and love and compassion. Set the example within yourself. Then help others recognize when stereotyping or fear-creation occurs. Lightworkers help stimulate a shift in perception.

Raise Vibrations of Self and Others

verbal-thoughts1Energy is always shifting. The human experience includes ups and downs; contrast exists in how we feel in any given situation. Our emotions and reactions have direct impact on the energetic vibration of our bodies. Pay attention every day to your state of existence. Connect to the ground and earth energy. Open your crown chakra to the sky and higher self. Open yourself to others and enhance energetic connections. Seek to open your third eye and see more than you ever have before. Through repetitive practice, find and develop tools or routines that help you raise your vibration simply by being aware and choosing to do so.

As you continually work on your own vibration, set intention to raise the vibration of others. This can be as simple as showing kindness and compassion; sometimes a moment’s effort can shift someone’s outlook. Say nice things to people. Raise their confidence and self-esteem. Help when you can, advise when you can, and at the same time recognize it is not your duty to fix everything for everyone. Sometimes empowerment is the greatest gift you can give.

Energy Management

Every living human generates an electro-magnetic energy field. Some people can see this energy and call it the aura. The condition, balance, vibrancy and radius of this field influence our health, affects everyone we meet, and plays a major role in determining our experiences and influence. Focus on learning to identify your energy field and take steps to raise your vibration.

Many lightworkers are very sensitive to energy. Some call themselves empaths because they can feel the emotions of others. Some are energy workers who can perceive energy by touching, seeing, or simply knowing. Learning how to work with energy is a beautiful skill. Three key pieces of advice. 1. Stay grounded. 2. Take long deep breaths. 3. Calm your mind and observe rather than analyze. Ultimately, YOU are in charge of your own energy.

Focus on Addressing Imbalances

world-hugAccording to Kevin Kelly, “Equilibrium is death… Seek persistent dis-equilibrium.”. We are not afraid to swing the pendulum and experience extremes. The joy of life is enhanced by variety. However when a particular element is continuously prioritized, imbalances can occur. As lightworkers we are familiar with creating situations of balance; our efforts are required now at a grander scale. There are tremendous imbalances in our current world, from a structure that impoverishes the majority of people to a corporate system that is destroying the life of this planet.

We begin by addressing imbalances within ourselves. Our energy is constantly changing and the thrill of life includes variety. However, you can recognize within yourself aspects of your lifestyle that could be improved. If your situation involves carrying of stress, tune in regularly and alleviate energetic blockages. Pay attention to your own healthy balance then apply it to the world.

Continuous Improvement

The beauty of creation is that there is always more. The beauty of life is that you can always do better. Set goals for yourself and continually self-improve. Your focus can be physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual. Simply choose something that improves your status and then do it. Feed your mind. Move your body. Consume for health rather than desires. Develop larger projects. Set bigger goals. As lightworkers we are each powerful creators; use that power to advance yourself.

Open Mind

In a world where we are constantly exposed to true and false information, it is important to ask questions. To accept every piece of news without question reveals our gullibility. At the same time, blocking information because it conflicts with our core beliefs is also an issue. It is up to each of us to determine core truth when we make our decisions and decide what to share. Recognize when your feelings move from neutral with each topic; understand that you have choice as to how those feelings affect your perception and the outcome.

Sometimes the first step in opening your mind is learning how to manage your thoughts. When people struggle with anxiety, worry, obsession or depression, there is an advantage in knowing how to redirect those thoughts. You can enhance your skills by following the advice in How to Increase your Personal Power.

Open Faith

happy-sunriseThe faith that you choose to shape your life is yours alone. There is no religious component of lightwork; there are lightworkers around the world who participate in every known religion and many who completely dismiss religion. Faith works at a higher level than religion.

Instead, most lightworkers are spiritual. Many honor traditions that create sacred space. Recognition of higher power and higher self can be inclusive. Many dismiss the hierarchical aspects of religion while accepting revelations as truth. Calling on gods or goddesses or angels or fairies all focuses on the belief that we are the center of the universe and higher powers are there to serve us. As creators, we are correct. Faith is simply a tool developed to help us achieve greater heights.

I have my own faith and my own belief systems. I am quite willing to hear about your faith and beliefs, in fact I am intrigued by what drives people. However please know that I am quite comfortable with my own faith. While I may add yours to the sum total of my knowledge, please do not attempt to persuade me that your belief is better. The details of faith are much less relevant than the outcome.

Boosting Self-Esteem

One of the most prevalent psychological challenges facing humanity is low self-esteem. Whether this is demonstrated through subservient or dominant ego, lack of esteem holds people back from progress. When someone feels a need to attack or belittle others, the root cause is low self-esteem. When someone is depressed and continually finds reasons to feel unworthy, the root cause is the same.

As lightworkers we must first work on our own self-esteem, learning to love our self and to feel confident in our abilities. The next step is to help others gain esteem as well. Give someone a confidence boost. Notice a good quality in someone and point in out. A simple act of kindness can go a long way in shifting a person’s energy, therefore influencing all their interactions to follow. Uplift people whenever you can.

Instigate Change

chakra-artWe all know the world needs changing. We see the challenges created by our current existence and realize we cannot stay on this path. This is all good. Contrast exists in order to provide choice; it becomes quite easy to identify what we do not want. The trick is to keep focusing and CREATING WHAT WE DO WANT. We are all drawn to different areas of change that draw our attention and energy. Besides working on yourself, pick one aspect of the world you would change if you could and focus on making it happen. Together we make a difference.

There are higher dimensions affecting us, more than most understand. It is part of our role to change the outcome of our current existence. We are playing the game well and it is getting fun. There are structures in place that can be changed with perception. It is up to lightworkers to recognize the little steps each of us can take towards instigating shift. As our mass energy grows, change accelerates. It really is quite easy.

As Tommy Bolan said almost fifty years ago ‘you won’t fool the children of the revolution’. We see more. We understand more. We are focused on elevating the energy of ourselves, our planet and everyone else. Humanity is on the brink of creating something special, revolution through evolution. Lightworkers lead the way.

The world can be changed and it begins with you.
©Copyright 2016 Glenn Stewart Coles

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