The Next Phase of Humanity

blue-ray-lightworkerIf humanity is to survive, it is necessary for us to evolve beyond our current condition. While most people believe in the concept of evolution, many believe that it only occurs in the past. We see ourselves at the top level and cannot imagine more. Just as a caterpillar cannot understand butterflies, humanity cannot foresee what we shall become.

We are reaching a point of critical mass and the next step is upon us. We will not fully understand the transformation of humanity until it has already occurred. In order for humanity to evolve, each individual must evolve. Though there will always be trailblazers and nay-sayers, the real jump in humanity occurs when the majority achieve enlightenment. Whether this enlightenment occurs at a physical, intellectual or spiritual level remains to be seen.

Individuals are in charge of their own self-growth. While it may seem defeating to look at the world and its problems, most of what we think is going on is influenced by the media. As each person looks at their immediate environment, we realize that our experience is directly related to our beliefs and actions. As we make personal changes, the people around us are influenced. As each person is influenced, the world begins to change.

Despite the history of mankind, the world will not be improved through force. Our world becomes better through trust and love and compromise. It changes when enough people connect to the mass consciousness and decide to be at peace. It takes place when we realize that each soul is unique and special, therefore no-one is. The distinction involves recognition and respect of each person’s unique energy, while removing hierarchical judgments of superiority and inferiority. We must be both teacher and student with everyone we meet and feel no threat moving between roles.

world-hugThe challenge that many face is freedom to grow within their environment. Many of us face intolerance or derision or attack. Many people meet quietly and secretly to share ideas and enlightenment. Around the world there are more rules than ever before and part of our challenge is to show others that freedom of belief and expression is not threatening. The secret is that there is more than one way. As long as each person accepts that another may think differently, we grow as a species. Together we compromise and create paradise.

We must learn to express love rather than anger, joy rather than sorrow. We must learn to express compassion and understanding, especially when faced with differences. We must learn to live with our own strength while empowering others. We must feel excitement about learning new and different ways. We must learn to share our own viewpoints without expectations. Ultimately we must accept that every person is special and deserves to be treated that way.

The energy of humanity is changing. As each person raises consciousness, we move one step closer to mass awakening. As each person discovers enlightenment, the joy is passed on. Each time you experience a moment of peace, the vibration of our universe moves towards calmness. Evolution begins within, and it starts with you.

Transformation Exercises

1. Describe the freedoms and restrictions in your immediate environment.
2. Describe the freedoms and restrictions in your country.
3. Describe the freedoms and restrictions in the world.
4. Choose the level of freedom reflected in your vibration.

Excerpted from Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation by Glenn Stewart Coles

©Copyright 2009, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles

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