Angel Card Reading: Monday, March 7, 2016

Every week I shift into balanced vibration and choose three cards that can provide guidance and hints for the upcoming week.

You are welcome to pick one, two or all three cards in your mind prior to reading the messages.
As you do this, clear your mind of expectations and allow your higher self to guide this experience.
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The purpose of Angel Card readings is to stimulate thoughts, awaken new understanding and to help you choose your direction. While we always have creative power in our experiences, the introduction of concepts can clarify our intentions. While each of us will create our own interpretations of the message, I have included both Doreen Virtue’s and my own impressions about what the card means.

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue


Doreen: The angels guide you to immerse yourself in beautiful music. Music lifts your spirit above earthbound concerns and elevates your thoughts to divine love.

Glenn: Music changes the way you feel. Each of us has different tastes; choose to listen to music that opens your heart and brings joy to you in the moment. As the sound and rhythm affects you, your energy glows at a higher vibration. Play different music and observe how it feels.


Doreen: Meditation is very important for you right now. Enjoy practicing it often.

Glenn: The secret of meditation is learning to slow your mind; being able to identify that you are more than your thoughts, and being able to shift focus through intention. As you disconnect from mind chatter, your experience in this existence changes and your power increases.


Doreen: You are in communication with your angels and the messages you are receiving are very real indeed. Trust them.

Glenn: It can sometimes be a leap to bypass logical analysis and simply allow information to appear. Begin by observing without judgment, simply see what you can see. As you sit or stand in peace, pay attention to every detail of the world around you. In order to benefit from messages it is important to first see them.

The common thread of these cards is a reminder for me to actively focus on achieving higher vibration. Quieting the mind allows greater focus; using music as a tool allows separation from daily details and stimulus for energy shift. The more I make the effort to raise vibration, the more I will learn. Music makes the people come together.
©Copyright 2016 Glenn Stewart Coles
The deck used for this reading is Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue.

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