The Root of Polarity

yin-yangPolarity begins with me and you. It continues into us and them, we and they, this side and that side. The journey begins when we cross the bridge of separation, and identify ourselves as unique individuals. Suddenly we are faced with choices and the requirement to make judgments in order to survive. In order to choose we must first differentiate. We become skilled at identifying variances.

The root of society comes down to the most basic choice, between good and bad. We all have an opinion and our opinions are unlimited. Everything that we are exposed to requires us to categorize, so we separate our world into likes, dislikes and neutral items. From the food we eat to the people we interact with, our choices can be identified by seeing what exists in our lives.

yin-yang3Now that we know how to differentiate, we become separated. In retaining a sense of self, we also create the reality that you are different than me. It is those differences that can lead to conflict. Strangely enough, while we realize that we are each separate individuals, it is the similarities that draw us together. We gather in groups or tribes or clubs or families, united by aspects that are common among us. You may find yourself in more than one group, linked by different common elements. In choosing which aspects of self are important to us, we bond with those that strengthen our connection.

The important thing to remember is that recognition of polarity involves training and choice. We notice differences that are important to us and overlook details that are not perceived as significant. To identify a polarity is common, since our entire world is formed of contrast. However, it is our reaction to each polarity that changes energy. If you think that something is very very good or very very bad, you will react differently than if you feel neutral.

law of polarityBecome aware of which polarities exist for you, how you react to them, and how they affect your environment. Begin with your greatest likes and dislikes and then work down to subtle reactions. As you begin to feel the changes in your energetic field upon the introduction of new stimuli, become aware of how you change physically, and what thoughts cross your mind. Once you learn how to do this without judgment, you will discover that everything is neutral until you put feelings into it.

Transformation Exercises

1. List three polarities that occurred in your life this week.
2. Evaluate your feelings about each extreme of the polarity.
3. Compare feelings between the three polarities and rank their energetic effect on your vibration.


Excerpted from Soulwork 101: A New Age Guide to Personal Transformation by Glenn Stewart Coles

┬ęCopyright 2009, 2015 Glenn Stewart Coles

Polarity Drawing by Heather Ward

Polarity Drawing by Heather Ward

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