Angel Card Reading: Monday, May 1, 2017

Every week I shift into balanced vibration and choose three cards that can provide guidance and hints for the upcoming week.

You are welcome to pick one, two or all three cards in your mind prior to reading the messages.
As you do this, clear your mind of expectations and allow your higher self to guide this experience.

The purpose of Angel Card readings is to stimulate thoughts, awaken new understanding and to help you choose your direction. While we always have creative power in our experiences, the introduction of concepts can clarify our intentions. While each of us will create our own interpretations of the message, I have included both Doreen Virtue’s and my own impressions about what the card means.

Card Deck: Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue


Doreen: Pay attention to your dreams right now. Keep a dream journal

Glenn: Last night I dreamed I was in Alaska looking for a store that sold souvenir keychains that said ‘Alaska’. I could not find one, but interacted with many people along the way. What is the meaning of your dreams? The analysis may go beyond the details and into the actions and feelings that were experienced. During dreamtime we are usually the central figure as a story unfolds. If you remember your dreams, make a point early after waking to write down some key details or the thoughts will fade away. If you don’t remember dreaming, perhaps tell yourself before going to sleep ‘I will wake up and remember my dream’. As your storybook develops you may see some interesting patterns.

Divine Guidance

Doreen: Trust and follow your intuition. It is God and the Angels speaking to you.

Glenn: We are not alone. There are many forces contributing to our lives. While ultimately we are empowered to take each step and choose each reaction, know that higher powers are helping you along the way. Set your intentions high, ask for help, and allow everything to unfold. There is a bigger plan and you are part of it.

Spiritual Growth

Doreen: You are going through a time of rapid spiritual growth. Enjoy the process.

Glenn: Spiritual growth is not always comfortable. Sometimes we are working our way through old patterns and releasing old energy. While this is good for us, it also means that we must bring that energy to the surface and deal with it. Other times spiritual growth can be exciting, like going on a thrilling ride and yelling ‘Yeehah’ along the way. Recognize that you are in a time where perceptions are increased and your learning has accelerated. Pay attention to messages, signs, people and experiences. You are special and this shift is meant for you.


Intention plays a key role in what you develop and achieve. However you can only do so much. Allow the universal plan to unfold while keeping your balance and pointing in the direction of your desires. Lots of information may be coming your way; you can only digest this information if you see it. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open this week and enjoy every moment.
©Copyright 2017 Glenn Stewart Coles
The deck used for this reading is Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue.