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Golden Opportunity to reach Lightworker market!

We are launching the Lightworkers of the World Directory to serve our 340,000 members with quality products, services and workshops. Do you have something to share with us? Sign up now and start getting quality leads.

The address of the Lightworkers of the World Directory is

Current Directory Categories include: Psychic Readings, Healing & Coaching Services, Education & Workshops, Lightworker Books, Spiritual Art, Cool Products, Crystals & Essential Oils

Purchase Startup Special Monthly Subscription for Directory Listing

To build a directory requires two things. Subscribers and content are required to draw traffic. Traffic is require to attract subscribers. So we are offering a special startup price for those who wish to get into the directory early. This price will not change once you have subscribed. However the special price is only available for a limited time. Sign up now! Subscription fee $14.99 per month.

Purchase Monthly Subscription for Directory Listing

This option provides a listing in our searchable directory that allows customers to post reviews. Your display can include a link to another facebook page or website. Subscription fee $24.99 per month.

Purchase Monthly Subscription to Promotional Package

In addition to a prime directory listing, this option allows the sharing of one post per week on the Lightworkers of the World Directory PAGE (not the group). This post can be a promotional post, an interactive post or a recorded video. Subscription fee $44.99 per month.

Please note that your subscriptions will be billed by Root Technology Systems Inc.
We anticipate that advertisers will provide a high-quality interaction with customers.
We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions if necessary.

Lightworkers of the World is one of the most popular new-age groups on facebook.
The focus of this group is Spiritual rather than Religious. We have members of all faiths in the group. We are a very active group with over 1200 posts and 8000 comments every day. Our professional administrative team moderates the group continuously. Our facebook group address is

In October 2018 Lightworkers of the World had over 340,000 members from around the world. We began this year at 180,000 so growth is continuous. Over 212,000 members have actively participated in our group over the past month.

Membership in our group is 65% female mostly between the ages 25-54. Our geographic reach is USA 50% United Kingdom 7% Canada 6% India 5% Australia 5% Rest of World 27%.


The Lightworkers of the World discussion group is intentionally non-commercial. However there is a vast demand for products and services by our members. We also recognize the high value of offerings by other members. So to provide a service to all we are creating the Lightworkers of the World Directory Page. The new Lightworkers of the World Directory will be linked as a supplementary marketplace to the main group. We anticipate page membership to increase exponentially as activity increases.

Please note that Lightworkers of the World GROUP will remain non-commercial.
Advertisers in the directory do not get special privileges in the group.

This directory is in startup mode with full support of Lightworkers of the World.

We need advertisers to draw traffic; we need traffic to draw advertisers.
It is all going to happen. Are you willing to take a leap of faith to help create something special?
One or two good leads and your cost is covered. Please subscribe now and add to the vortex.

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